The Outpost - Bar At 7 Tigers

A favourite watering hole – that's our bar. Warm wooden house and a terrace deck out under the stars. And come late evening, when the chill settles in - a crackling bonfire invites you to sip on the silence, while you sip on your drink.


Wildgrass - Restaurant at 7 tigers

The one place you keep coming back for more. Our restaurant, which takes its name from the tall wild grass that grows up to a man's height or more. The restaurant puts on an impressive spread of mouth-watering soups, salads, desserts and cuisine from all over the world, with a dish or two of the local cuisine specially included. Our food is legendary, and unlimited.


Riverside Restaurant

A Perfect Place to enjoy your meal with your loved ones, Here mouthwatering food and enchanting natural beauty is served fresh. The Riverside Restaurant comes with a mesmerising view and serves multi-cuisine, amazing cocktails & mocktails. Be ready to get spellbound.